How to Find Your Family

The “Descendants” link will take you to the page were we begin with John Myatt and his children. If you don’t know which of the children you’re descended from, you can search another way.

Under the “descendants” area, you will see a list of people who are included on these pages. When you can click on one of those, you’ll go directly to that page. These pages are arranged in traditional genealogical format so you’ll see the family groups.

If you don’t find your family we may not have information on them, or you may need to go back an additional generation to be able to connect with the information we do have. At this time, we are no longer adding additional generations to the descendant list currently on our website. We will attempt to make corrections to errors for ancestor information when new information about them is uncovered. If you have questions about information presented here, please email me at

All the information we have is on this website. Other than the birthdates of living people, we do not include those for security reasons. Otherwise, you have access to everything I have access to.