These pages refer only to John (Miot) Myatt and his family.

While numerous Myatts immigrated to the US from the U.K. after the early 1800s, most Myatts in the United States are descended from John and his parents who arrived in North Carolina in the mid 1700s. We hope this website will help complete your Myatt genealogy and find how your family ties in to our John Miot line. Everything on these pages is a compilation of research from various people, among them, professional genealogists, as well as Myatt family relatives and descendants.

These pages have been assembled through the work of many, many people. This website was started by Wade Taylor, and we owe him a debt of gratitude. When he wanted to turn it over, Patsy Terrell was honored to take it. She did a wonderful job caring for and managing this website until her unexpected passing in June of 2017. After her death it was passed on to me and I hope that I can do the website justice, honoring the hard work and memory of Patsy and others that created and managed it before me. Also, I would be remiss if I did not credit Ron Myatt, who has carried the heavy load on this website by managing and maintaining the database, for without it, there would be no

In more than a decade, Ron has spent many, many, many hours researching, cross-referencing and double checking the information here. More corrections have been made and names added than we can count. He has more than doubled the number of Myatts accounted for on these pages. He has been incredibly generous with his time and talents.

Note: We are temporarily unable to update the database and will not be able to make corrections for the time being. You can to review these entries and be prepared to provide corrective information once we have gained access to the original database.

If anyone is in contact with Ron Myatt or Tex Myatt, please have them contact me via my email as soon as possible.

Thank You,

Jon Myatt